15 Dec 2011

Best deal - ever seen for Portrait paintings!

Are you interested in giving a personal gift to your loved ones? A PORTRAIT will be real great gift as a hairloom / personal!

Here is the deal!

Send me the picture and I will paint them in the order I receive them. All the paintings will be painted on a 8' x 10' Canvas. Ones it is done I will post it in my blog. If you like your painting and want to have it - I will send you a invoice, and you can pay through Paypal - get it shipped! As simple as that!

No questione asked, no comitments, no hidden conditions!

Send me a picture (a clear version of face) through email to ushaportraits@gmail.com with your name. I will send you a reminder when it is posted and up in my blog. abstractextures.blogspot.com