Bethel School would always be impersonated as the heaven by a Bethelite on any occasion for numerous reasons.Such was the essence it impersonated on an alumnae or
book man, even their parents would completely endorse to this thought. It was during 1990; at the age of puerility, that Bethel School triumphed every other schools in its vicinity and appealed every educate es to return to their heaven just like a child looking
for its mom. Every parents hunting to breakthrough a salutary school for their minors inevitably ceased at Bethel.

Bethel had the knack of preserving serious-minded teachers and power to summate more enduringness to it. Character of teachers were such that even during their casual encounter they only tested each other's cognition on their respective subjects.Teachers of Bethel were very shrewd at their coaching that their weakest student would end up making threescore at the public exam. More than lessons, it was discipline, communication and inter personal skills that teachers always imbibed to their
students.English classes would always be fun as it was ecumenical and teachers would never let their moments go without sampling their students general consciousness and
vocabulary skills.It was Bethel who always stood first in setting up an extra curriculum activities or creative activities for their students during their Annual leaves.It would be majestic for Bethelite parents to view their children doing creative activity during summer vacation and every bit enviable for other departments.

Bethel instituted such competitiveness in their students that atleast fistful of pupils would be fighting for the Ist rank and sometimes it would a single person; ever winning,always the torch bearer, trend setter, becoming victorious and undefeatable throughout his/her school time. During these times, teachers would encourage the torch bearer with even more informations and provide better hospitalities so that rest of the team could raise their standard, that altered whole community to originate enlightened.

Bethel could also be judged, felt proud, envied by its universal products; exercising busy
in setting up a more meaningful society for their next generations, as welfare workers.

With Bethel conglomerating eminent credentials, we hope one day, it would be listed in

1990 - 1997