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Ration Cards have become an important identification to be had for getting  a gas connection, a credit card, a bank account etc, literally your residence confirmation, that is you live in that particular place and area.

For the people who get transferred to a new city, oit has become essential to chage their residence address and transfer the ration card to the new work place. Voter card is another important document but to get a voter identification also you need a residence proof and that is the ration card.

How to apply for a ration card?

To apply for a ration card in Chennai there is a prescribed form at the site  that has to be downloaded, filled up and presented at the concerned office.

How to know if you are eligible to get a new ration card in Chennai? 

The Tamilnadu government has come out with a criteria for the issue of ration cards to the individuals. You can just go through the below mentioned points and the way to go about getting a new ration card.


  • you should be of Indian Origin

  • you should be living and cooking separately

  • You should be a resident of the state of Tamilnadu

  • Your name must not be  a member of  any other family card in Tamil Nadu

  • You must not possess any family card in any State in India

  • You and members of the family must be close relatives

  • How to file the forms for a new ration card?

    There is a prescribed application format which you can download  and send them to the concerned office of the civil supplies department.

    If you are living in the Chennai and the belt areas  the filled applications and other needed documents  should be filed with  Assistant Commissioner of Civil Supplies of the Zone in which you live.

    If you live in the districts other than Chennai, you will have to get in touch with the Taluk Supply Officers of the civil supplies  and Consumer Protection Department or the Assistant Rationing Officers  concerned of the area in which you live.  They are competent of receiving the applications for the family cards.

    You have to obtain an acknowledgement  slip at the counter of the concerned officer where you submit your application forms.

    You can also send it by Registered post with acknowledgement due to get the proof of submission.

    The essential documents needed while applying for a new ration card

    Application should be filled up completely and signed, submitted  along with

    1. Proof of Residence in Tamil Nadu

    2. Election Photo Identity Card  property tax payment Receipt / last month Electricity Bill / last month telephone bill / front page of a Bank  passbook / Allotment orders if any / Passport / current valid tenancy agreement in case of a rented house

    3. Surrender certificate of the relevant family card issuing authority if any card issued in the previous address

    4. name deletion certificate from the parent or the guardian

    5. No card certificate issued by the card issuing authority, if there was a previous card

    6. Details of the LPG connection, with details of the consumer, consumer no, LPG agency and the oil company's name

    7. Mobile Number or the e mail addresses to be filled up in the format to enable the authorities to send you messages regarding the status  of the application.

    8. A self addressed and stamped envelope /postal cover to enable the office to communicate the rsults  to you.

    The Process / Procedure for obtaining the card

    Your application will be sent for field verification to check the address, house and the kitchen and verify LPG connection, address etc. Whe he comes for a check upyou can ask for a Proof of Identity / official ID card. The inspection is supposed to be carried out within 30 days of the application filed date.

    If it does not happen, please get in touch with  Assistant Commissioner or Taluk Supply Officer concerned.

    If the application is found fit by the Assistant Commissioner or Taluk Supply Officer concerned as per the above eligibility conditions, it will be approved  and sent for printing of the family card.

    You are not supposed to get in touch with the AC / TSO offices before the period of 30 days unless filing other documents are needed.

    You can collect the acknowledgement slip as soon as you file the application, which has the date of application, Office seal, serial number and the date of final disposal.

    The Government of Tamil Nadu has a fixed time of 60 days as time limit for passing orders on application for family cards.

    As soon as the application is approved the card is sent for printing. Once the card reaches the AC's office, you will get an intimation through a post card telling you the same and asking you to come and collect the family card.  You have to go there within 15 days with the acknowledgement slip to collect the ration card in person.

    In case if the card is rejected the AC has to send you a post card telling you the reasons for rejection within 60 days of the file of pplication.

    If there is a mobile number or an E mail address, you can be informed  as soon as the application is decided upon.

    There is a Rs 5 fee for the new family card  and the amount should be paid to the AC or the TSO concerned.

    As soon as the applicant receives intimation that his card is ready, he can collect the card in person, any week day or on the date if any provided on the intimation. You will have to surrender the acknowledgement slip issued at the time of the submission

    You are requested to keep a copy of the outer covers of the ration card in safe custody to enable applying a duplicate card incase the original is lost or stolen.

    If you want to know more about the procedure please visit or  send some one with a letter to the concerned office near your place.