Only Humans can achieve this.
Travel to country-country continent-continent planet-planet???Mars is not an island or costly city in USA or Europe. Its a Planet.
One way trip to mars.
Mars is home.
No means to return to Earth.

This is not for a joke. You may aware or not.

'Who is willing to starts a ONE WAY journey to Mars(Planet). A Life in Mars.Once on Mars, there are no means to return to Earth. Mars is home.
More than 50,000 people are interested in One-way journey to Mars. Unbelievable.. Think of the Future..!! 
You have a dream to visit USA,Australia,Dubai depends on their likes, but for sure your son/daughter will/must have a dream/aim to visit Marsin future..!!Things keeps changing.

This is a thought came arise when i read the new about one way trip to mars, below is all from how our lives started to travelling to Mars.

Humans are the supernatural power in this Universe.

Consider humans in all the aspects,
monkey humans - ancient period - The Kings and their kingdoms - Wars & Battle -  Terrorism.boundaries,borders - Modern world - to machine world (Android,Laptop,Mobiles,TV,Radio,Washing Machine) - One way trip to Mars - Trips to other Universe(may happen)

In all the above evolution humans only create/made everything. Starting from which food to eat,caste,culture,religion,god,machine,internet, each and everything in this world are invented by human or human brain.

The only things human need to do is, ' Surviving. Just Surviving '. 
For this,each and everyone  are trying to survive in this world starting from Ancient to Today machine world.
During Ancient times they were in need of food& shelter to survive.
During Kings &Kingdom including above they were in need of lands,slaves,culture,own rule(kings rule),religion to survive.
In past 400 - 500 years back they were in need of double the above things to survive.They started killing each other in the name of War & Battle.
In last  50 years people lead a healthy wealthy life, people gives respect each other, Irrespective of caste,religion,country. But in Ancient period its not like that, when we read books like 'Ancient Civilization ' , 'Ancient people life style' we will knew that. 
But today human start moving to all countries and even to Planet(Mars) to survive. Compare the earth from past 500 years to present.

All countries have their own security forces like military,navy,coastal guards on their boarders. So,I wont say there is no war & battle. 

Earth keeps on changing only due to humans.

Ancient people don't know that ' In future people will use android phones'. Our parents don't know that their son/daughter will use Facebook. We don't know about our son/daughter that they will go to Mars in future. One day will come, our son/daughter will thinks that we are not updated to current world. So anything will happen. 

Humans are still want many things in this Universe. Still research, development is going on. Soon people will start travelling to Planets-Planets.
Who knows they will open 'Space ship Station' in all the planets. 

Today's god is Internet (don't think only websites/pages think beyond). Because it connects entire World(planet). Consider facebook, he/she are posting,sharing,poking only good thing in their own page. Those things are viewed by their friends,surrounding(connected world). So everyone will start thinking that he/she is like that only. This gives good view to them.. But actually he/she are hiding their bad things. No one will ever post a bad image on their page. People want to be good & genuine outside. If he/she sign out from Faceboook then what he/she will actully do? We dont about that. Their behavior,style,thoughts will be differ. 

Consider you, if you have facebook profile, post a bad picture then think what will happen. Or think like this post good picture and doing wrong things outside.
Humans started connecting each and every people in the world in the form of INTERNET through social networking. So everyone will learn from others how to be genuine. People will start thinking only about the good things. They will break the Religions,Caste,Community all other aspects. This will happen, takes time.

So humans can change anything.
They can create everything &  they are destroy anything. They can change anything.

But they should,
-Create good thoughts,Inventions,Technologies
-Destroy Religions,Caste,Community,Boundaries,Boarders,Terrorism

Al the people in world will be united. (Half the world will be in Mars).
After 50-100 years from now. Think of the Earth..!! 

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