The Karl Schmidt Memorial is architectural landmark located at Elliot's beach in Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India.It was built in memory of a Dutch Sailor who drowned in 1930 to save the life of a girl.

According to historians,the Dutch Sailor who was strolling along the beach,saw an English girl sinking into water who soon started struggling.In a successful attempt to save the girl's life, Karl Schmidt lost his life. The English girl who Karl Schmidt rescued from the sea, attended a ball the following evening as though nothing had happened.Then British Governor was angry with her and decided to build a memorial to in commemoration of Dutch Sailors bravery.

The structure was built by Lieutenant-Colonel Sir George Frederick Stanley, then Governor of Madras, in honour of the bravery of Schmidt. According to experts, Memorial was built using bricks without proper stone foundation.The memorial is the only heritage structure on Elliots Beach. The Chennai Corporation has started the restoration of Schmidt Memorial.

As Elliots Beach is one of the tourist attractions of chennai, the memorial is viewed by lots of tourists.