In a country like India which offers its tourists a very wide range of tourists destination, tourism industry is the most booming sector and most beneficial for the country's economy. The booming tourism industry is also a major driver in many other sectors. Most particular of all is the Hotel industry which gets a major part of its income through the tourists who visits India. Not only is that it quite normal thing for the tourists to expect good service along with regular accommodation from the hotels. So good hotels in kodaikanal not only provide a regular accommodation but along with that they also provide a guided tour to the local tourists place, also rent vehicles for their tourists and so on.
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As India is very much famous for its temples and ashrams and therefore many tourist destinations are around these temple and ashrams. Therefore the tourists look for such hotels which are in the vicinity of the temples and ashrams. For example the Jain Temples are the most visits tourist destination by all the devotees of Jainism Religion. They always prefer cheap hotels in kodaikanal with basic accommodation as most of the time tourists stay there for a long time. In India pilgrimages are the most popular tourist places and people from all over the world are attracted towards it. All then comes the hotels which provide all the facilities to all types of tourist whether they are either pure devotees or people enjoying their free time.

There are a variety of exotic locations also in India which also attracts tourist from all over the world. Hotels around the pilgrim centre and the hotels in the exotic locations are slightly different in the facilities that are offered by them to the tourist. Hotels around the exotic locations are far more luxurious and sometimes to attract tourists these hotels provide a kind of packaged tour. Hotels in kodaikanal also invite tourists to sumptuous parties organized by the hotel and all the while the local culture and cuisines are served to them to make them familiarized with them.
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Normally good hotels are not to be found in the heart of the city but tourist very often find good hotels here also. Being in the heart of the city the hotels in kodaikanal act as a gateway for foreign tourists and therefore these hotels which are in the heart of the city are the most luxurious hotels among all the hotels in that area. They have expensive and showy restaurants along with spas and swimming pools. In other words we can say that these hotels offer each luxury that can be offered by a perfect hotel.  Summing up we can say that for a good tourism industry in a country like India good hotels plays a very important role. A good hotel with all the basic facilities and the luxuries offered to the tourist impress the tourist and thus gives boost to the tourism industry of India.