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I watched a lot of sport over the weekend, but before I did, I had one of the 24-hours news channels on the television, and was quite surprised by two words being mispronounced repeatedly.

What is the ‘pleece’? The report would indicate that they are who you call when a crime has been committed.

And what is ‘medsin’? This would appear to be antibiotics and medication prescribed to fight infections and ailments.

One would be forgiven for believing that the English can speak English, but it appears that we are making an erroneous assumption


Isn’t it a pity that the ZRP don’t spend much time investigating real crime, but are more than happy to investigate members and officials of the MDCin the hope of being able to make them stand trial of trumped up charges?

Zimbabwean police said on Sunday they had launched an investigation connected with finance minister Tendai Biti, and a state-owned newspaper said the probe was over the disappearance of million in a failed bank.

Biti told the Sunday Mail he was not responsible for the missing money, which was part of a 2009 emergency International Monetary Fund (IMF) facility and intended to help distressed manufacturing firms.

The paper said Biti had transferred the money from the IMF into local bank Interfin, closed this month due to a liquidity crisis.

'Yes the money is missing. The fact that Interfin was appointed the fund manager means it was them who were handling the money and not me,' he told the Sunday Mail.

'I no longer had a say on how the money was managed.'

Assistant police commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena told Reuters on Sunday: 'There is an investigation going on but I cannot give any details at the moment.' Biti could not be directly contacted on Sunday.

Biti is a senior figure in Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which is in an uneasy power-sharing administration with President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF. He is among MDC leaders bitterly attacked by Mugabe in recent months.

The million, part of a million IMF emergency package, had been at Interfin for a year without generating interest before it disappeared, the newspaper said.

The money had been part of million allocated for agriculture and infrastructure projects. A further million was used to pay off a debt to the IMF's Poverty Reduction and Growth Fund and million to ease a cash squeeze at the beginning of this year. The remaining funds are yet to be used.

I am all for those that break the law being prosecuted, but why does the ZRP always concentrate on the MDC? Why not investigate the past transgressions of the Mugabe party, ZANU PF?


Loyalty to ZANU PF does not necessarily come with any reward – so Samkange has discovered.

So he is now looking at edging a ZANU PF legislative member out of his comfortable seat.

Hot shot Harare lawyer Jonathan Samkange has accused Zanu PF of trying to sideline him despite 'loyally' serving party loyally for years.

The sharp-tongued Samkange says he is prepared to give up his successful legal career for a shot at politics and has appealed against a party decision barring him from recently held Mudzi District Co-coordinating Committee (DCC) elections.

Samkange was disqualified on the grounds that he had not served the party for at least five years which is one of the requirements for the top post.
But he is challenging the ruling and claims he has had a long association with Zanu PF.

“I have been a loyal Zanu PF cadre for all of my adult life and I have dedicated more than five years to the party,” he told state media adding that he was most active in the early 1990s especially in Mudzi district.

“My relationship with the then Zanu started during my time at the then University of Rhodesia, where I did a lot of advocacy work for the party. We had a block student committee that used to visit Cold Comfort Farm for meetings with the likes of Didymus Mutasa, Moven Mahachi and Chief Rekayi Tangwena.

“Some of the people that I worked with from the university include Justice Anthony Gubbay and Justice Nick McNally, who were both against the settler regime.

“I came back into active politics in 1990 and I immediately joined the Zanu PF structures in Gozi district in Mudzi and rose from the cell level with the highest position I held being that of secretary in the commissariat.

“In 1995, I submitted to contest in the elections for Mudzi constituency but later withdrew to pave way for Musa, who went on to become the Member of Parliament for the area.

“In 2000 I expressed interest to stand in primary elections to contest in the constituency, but Ray Kaukonde went on to stand in the primary elections unopposed after Musa, Mudzimu, Chesango and myself stood down to let him run for the seat.”

A practising lawyer for some 32 years, Samkange said he was ready to go into politics full-time.

“If things go according to plan, I will quit my current position in law to take a more advisory or consultancy duty. I will stop practising and I will go to the advocates’ chambers which is a more advisory role,” he said

Quite simply, if ZANU PF don’t want you, you will be hard-pushed to get on board.

I wonder whether he wants some cheese with that whine? 


I find this very distasteful.

A donation is a donation, regardless of who it is from and what the donation is.

Nursing staff at UMzingwane Mbizingwe Rural Clinic last saturday refused to accept a donation of blankest for expecting mothers and infants from the Regional Integration and International Co-operative Minister, Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga alleging that they got an instruction from their superiors in Harare not to accept the donation.

In an interview with Radio VOP Reporter at Mbizingwe Clinic, one of the Nursing staff who refused to be quoted because of past experience said that she informed her superiors in Esigodini who had promised to come but later said they are not coming.

“We informed our superiors in Esigodini but they said that they have also been ordered not to accept the donation by their superiors in Harare. I cannot accept this donation without my superiors. In 2005 l was closed in that office and threatened by my bosses and l might leave this clinic and go and work elsewhere if l accept this donation of blankets,” said the Nursing

The Nursing Sister shed tears when she was explaining how her superiors threatened to fire her or transfer her from Mbizingwe Clinic for accepting a donation in 2005.

“My life will be difficult if l accept these blankets. l doubt very much that l will work well l if l accept these blankets because it will cost my job,' said the Nursing Sister while wiping off her tears.

However, Misihairabwi-Mushonga left the blankets at Mbizingwe Clinic and said the health officials from Esigodini will know what to do with the blankets.

“I have left the blankets as you saw, how can an official employed by the State order nursing staff to refuse to accept an important donation this time of the season.

“Honestly, expecting mothers and infants need these blankets, l will not take them back to Harare and as you saw, the expecting mothers are using worn off blankets but someone not from this community orders nursing staff not to accept blankets for the reason best known to them,” said the Minister.

Misihairabwi-Mushonga launched a campaign in April this year to buy blankets for donation to rural clinics to alleviate the plight of pregnant women in winter.

Misihairabwi-Mushonga who is also the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) secretary general called on Zimbabweans to donate to the cause when expressing her sadness over the plight of pregnant women admitted at health institutions.

She said that since January she had visited a number of rural areas and was touched by the plight of pregnant mothers in these rural clinics, in particular the lack of blankets in winter.

The country’s health system was weakened by years of economic upheaval. In the last decade, the country’s health care services declined dramatically.
This increased maternal and child mortality by more than double what it was in 1990.

According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), at least eight mothers die giving birth everyday translating to over 2500 women dying every year due to pregnancy-related complications.

Observers say most of these maternal deaths are avoidable.

Politicising donations is not only bad practise, but the people for whom the donations were intended miss out on something as simple as being warm during the cold Zimbabwean winter nights.


Even if Gono was ever arraigned in courts for criminal activities whilst being governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Mugabe would arrange a very quick pardon for him as he helped and assisted ZANU PF through some very difficult times.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono says he stands ready to go to prison if 16 charges of impropriety levelled against him by his former advisor, Munyaradzi Kereke, ever stick.

Gono, speaking for the first time on allegations of impropriety in a week that saw his two employees at the Central Bank being acquitted for the third time on charges pressed by Kereke, the RBZ governor said he will follow due process.

“I will follow due process but am ready to walk to prison if these 16 charges of impropriety are proved. My decision is not make noise about it but follow due process,” Gono told the Daily News on Sunday from
Cairo where he was attending the Afreximbank meetings where he is a director of the continental bank.

“I am acutely aware that the public remains confused and anxious for answers to all the 16 or so individual allegations of sabotaging the Zimbabwean economy, allegations of corruption, alleged abuse of office and various conspiracies to 'kill my former advisor by sending snipers in order to silence him”.

“The charges are very serious. I want to assure stakeholders that appropriate channels will be used at the appropriate time to address these serious charges that go to the very core and route of my governorship and trust by those who appointed me and the segment of the economy that I serve and have tried to serve with maximum diligence, commitment, honesty and integrity.

“I have been working for the past 35 years, 25 years of which I have been occupying very senior positions in the banking sector which I entered in 1987 at the level of chief accountant, progressing through the ranks to where I am today.

“10 years of that 35 were spent in industry starting from the lowest (tea-maker-messenger) to accountant. As a family, we have been in business for the last 33 years and as Gideon, I have been in doing chickens at different levels since February, 1973, when my former advisor was 7 months old,” said Gono.

He said he will maturely follow proper procedures to deal with the issues Kereke raised adding he will do so professionally and openly through legal means.

Gono has been savaged in recent months by Kereke who accused him of “fraud” and other “crimes” at the central bank.

During the period, Gono maintained stunning silence as the internet went viral with his stories of his alleged misdemeanours.

Turning to the third acquittal of his officers - Phillip Dendere and George Nyahuye – Gono said “the real RBZ family which knows where we are coming from and going, and are bound by true values of work ethics,join our two officers and their families and friends in celebrating another triumph of justice over injustice and the 'mighty of right over wrong'.

Dendere and Nyahuye were facing disorderly charges.

Harare magistrate Tendai Mahwe discharged the duo at the close of the state’s case after ruling that prosecutor Gift Zumbika failed to “prove a prima facie” case against the two.

A fortnight ago, the two were cleared of violence and assault charges which had been brought by Kereke’s driver.

“As stated earlier, the God of justice will and shall prevail against all lies and shorten their legs. This applies not just to the lies we have been preoccupied with since 12 March, 2012 but also to those that have been, and will continue to be, spewed out from the damaged and leaking tankers of malice and instability known to reside in those who have chosen to discredit
us for no other reason than the proverbial sour grapes.'

“Unfortunately, the sour grapes have been sold and found some gullible takers at Mbare musika. Fortunately though, history has not recorded many cases of deaths from' thunder,' however noisy and frightening. It is the 'lightning' that always does the job...and in this case, our justice system resembles' lightning'...that follows thunder, sparing or otherwise, those that deserve to be spared through due process and not the noise from the thunder,” said Gono.

Can someone explain to me the use of the words “shorten their legs”…?


Telling the service chiefs and other senior slaves to the ZANU PF circus that their allegiance is misplaced, I believe, only goes to bolster their position in the country, as it tells them that what they are doing is working.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday read the riot act to partisan traditional chiefs and police officers who are abusing their positions to prop Zanu PF in rural areas.

Addressing villagers in Midlands province’s Silobela area during a tour of Constituency Development Fund projects, Tsvangirai said traditional leaders should concentrate on developing their communities instead of meddling in politics.

“Those who are here, go and tell the other chiefs and headmen who did not come that the days of meddling in politics are gone,” he said. “If you are a chief you should not select who you serve.”

Traditional leaders have caught the ire of the MDC formations in the inclusive government for openly declaring their allegiance to Zanu PF and vowing to protect the party’s interests in their jurisdictions.

Speaking at the same occasion, Home Affairs co-minister, Theresa Makone, warned that partisan traditional leaders and police officers who meddled in politics would now risk getting arrested.

“There are some police officers who are still living in a dream world of the pre-2008 era, who think they belong to political parties yet they should be apolitical,” she said.

Makone said partisan police officers were refusing to act against certain people who were committing crimes because of political reasons.

“I want to say to you (villagers), take down the names of all police officers and their station and forward the names to me through your councillor or legislator so that they can be brought to book for violating the Police Act,” she said.

“Such police officers don’t deserve to be in the force, we are going to arrest them.”

However, Police Commissioner General, Augustine Chihuri and other security chiefs have declared their allegiance to Zanu PF, vowing that they would not salute anyone without liberation credentials, referring to Tsvangirai.


What does Brian James think Tsvangirai can do?

Mugabe ignores anything that concerns the sidelining of the MDC. An example is Mugabe’s refusal to appoint provincial governors in line with the Global Political Agreement.

Suspended Mutare Mayor Brian James has called for the investigation of the local authority alleging that senior council officials were bleeding the city of millions of dollars through corrupt and irregular deals.

In a letter to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, a copy of which is in possession of The Standard, James said he together with some councillors suspected that a number of fraudulent activities were prejudicing council of critical revenue.

“The purpose of this letter is to place on record my extreme concern about these matters which maybe seriously prejudicial to the council and its ratepayers,” said James. “It is also further intended to urge you to immediately investigate these allegations and take whatever corrective
measures may be necessary to best protect the city and its ratepayers.”

He said during his tenure as mayor, he placed great emphasis on the transparent and accountable management of public funds.

“My concerns were also clearly reflected in my speech made at the Centre for Public Accountability meeting in August 2011 where I simply asked why people in authority would continually avoid or frustrate external independent audits or scrutiny, especially when dealing with public funds,” said James.

The suspended mayor said he wrote to Town Clerk Obert Muzawazi in October last year registering concern over irregularities in the financial affairs of the city. “The Finance Committee and the full Council resolved to instruct the Town Clerk to investigate and report back, but up to now no such report had been made,” he said.

James listed 21 points of grave financial concerns which he wants investigated and corrective measures implemented.

James was suspended in January this year by Local Government, Rural and Urban Development minister, Ignatius Chombo over allegations of gross mismanagement of affairs of the council.

Meanwhile, Zvishavanve Town Council chairman, Alois Zhou, who was suspended by Chombo last February on allegations of fraud and corruption, has been acquitted by the courts and is demanding his job back.

Police arrested Zhou after his suspension by Chombo on corruption charges and took him to court claiming that he defrauded council of US.
 Zhou was alleged to have used the money to repair his personal Mercedes Benz vehicle in Harare. In the second charge of fraud, Zhou was alleged to have corruptly sold a council housing stand and converted the money to his personal use.

However, a Zvishavane magistrate last week acquitted Zhou in both counts saying the state’s case was weak and fraught with inconsistencies.


Take care.