I thought i should share some of the finest places that i have been to and will be going to in Madison for next few months. Thanks to my American and Indian friends who took me to these great places. Hope people visiting Madison may want to go to these places.

Indie Coffee - This coffee shop is on the regent street. A quiet one and they have some of the world's finest and best tea/coffee. Not to mention their Indie music. oh I forgot to tell you, the shots (yes alcohol) they give with the coffee (on your request) is worth having during an ice hockey/football game.

Green bush Bakery: This bakery serves donuts and other bakery food. The best in Madison. My choice is Old-fashioned and Apple fritters. You know what it is open until 3 am, during weekends.

Macha - A tea shop on the Monroe street. You can get Indian style tea with butter biscuits. They have a traditional room arrangements where you will have enough privacy for a group of 6-10 people to chit and chat.

Glass Nickel Pizza: One has to try this to believe it.

What is Madison without mentioning about bars

My personal choice is

Brazzierie V: It is on the monroe street. They have like 26 to 30 varieties of beers all are imported. The alcohol content is 10 to 12% in a small pint. (Normally it is 5.5 % in any pitcher of beer).

Tornado Room: This place is a vintage and it will remind you of bars in european countries. Bloody mary is good here and ambience is great.

Genna's: Typical grad student bar. You can meet lot of graduate students here. Old fashioned brandy is the famous drink in this place.

Cigar Bar: For smoke aficionados' there is a bar on the king's street. you can get the best cigars from the world (except Cuba..you know the obvious reason).

Paul's club: White Russian is best over here.

Blue Velvet: Martinis..i love it.

P.S: I do not get any share if you visit and tell my name, but you can send me a thank you note if you visit the place and like it.