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... to a 28 day Higher Level Training, fitness, bootcamp *thing.*'
What? I don't understand ALL of the above.
'Training, Fitness, Bootcamp.. '
Non comprende'
And on top of that, have we actually met?
I know you're my best friend & all that jazz, but you should know by now that i am no gym junkie & i can definitely not run very far without feeling like I'm going to die.
Or get light headed & feel like I'm going to pass out.
Now that we've got that sorted..
I'd love to do a 28 day bootcamp with you!
I actually can't believe i uttered that word 'Yes.'
So as you may or may not be aware, I'm not into the whole going to the gym thing.
I know i should be blah blahh blahhh!
I've always figured 'Well, im not obese.. so, i must be doing alright.'
Typical non-gym-fitness person, exhibit A: me.
So then my besties texts me one night last week asking if i want to do some 28 day fitness challenge.
*Before i go on- i have a confession- i thought a 28 day challenge meant i would have to go EVERY single day for 28 days in a row.*
Yeah I'm sure that's normal... isn't it?!
And here's the other thing, in July, I'm hiking up a little place called Machu Picchu & if i actually plan on surviving the hike (which i am) i should *probably* start doing some sort of exercise to get my fitness level up.
Hence my 'Yes.'
28 days started last Saturday morning.
Pretty sure i was more stoked about actually surviving than i was about completing 10 tasks in 50mins.. that sounds good.. doesn't it?!
I can't even remember everything that we did. There were some weights, some jumping thing, push ups, running, those weight-ball thingys.. yeah.. I'm not really clued up on specifics or what anything is even called. And i definitely needed someone to show me how to do EVERYTHING!
All in all, it was pretty fun! I've never done anything like it before so its a personal challenge. Sweet.
Definitely still hurting today & we're going again tonight.
It will be interesting to see how long my jelly legs actually last until they cave under me.
Bring it on!