Source blog: COPESESQUE

You know when you don't hear from someone for ages & it drives you WILDLY insane~
Friend. Family member. Loved one. That cutie you gave your phone number to..
No text, no phone call, no email, no snail mail, no carrier pigeon messages.
And being the stubborn dutch girl that you are..
I mean.. being the stubborn girl that you are..
I mean.. being the girl that you are..
I mean.. being YOU.. whoever you might be..
You refuse to contact them first.
Out of spite? Yes. Ofcourse. What other reason even exists?
Ahh, so lame. So very lame!
It's such high school level stupidity.
But you know that if you leave it long enough you figure they'll have to contact you first.
Wont they?
It's almost like that game you play at school, 'Mercy,' where you hold your friends hands, turn your arms inside out & whoever hurts & yells out 'Mercy' first, is the loser? Even if you are hurting, you still refuse to yell out because you don't want to lose..
Why do we play this silly little mind trip game?

Or should that be.. why do I play this silly little mind trip game?
I haven't the faintest idea!
As time goes by you start to think about other people, places, life, planning that trip overseas..
You may even totally forget about said person who hasn't contacted you.
Oh yeah, i used to know them. I wonder what they're up to these days..
And then casually minding your own business one evening while sitting on your friends couch, your phone buzzes.
'Oooh!! A text! I wonder who it's from!?'
Oh. It's you. Really? YOU. That's so damn random!
You sit there staring at your phone for what feels like millennium's.. REALLY?!
I just got THAT message?! From you?!
That's awesome!
So nice to hear from you, it's been a while.
I can't help but wonder why you are now suddenly wanting back in my life though, ahh the plot thickens.
The moral of this story? There is no moral of this story. It's just a story. And it's also a complete contradiction of last weeks post.
You have to mix it up & keep it interesting!