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Ahhh to be young wild & free!
Without a care in the world!
*Pause blog. Aren't i still all of those things?! Why am i talking about it like it's millenniums ago? Hmm.*
I was thinking the other day~
Yes, i know, shock horror but i do like to try to use & abuse my brain on occasion.
Anyway, so i was trying to think of what to write my blog about today.
'School' has come up trumps.
You think that's lame? Yeah. Probably.
But for some reason you are still reading this aren't you?!
I was talking with a friend just yesterday about school.
Let's have an adventure~ an exploration, like you learn about in Geography class.
Oh the mischief you can get up to!
Getting out of school late because you were far too caught up with all the fun activities you were doing with your friends.
Looking for excuses, any old excuse, to do it all again the following day.
Going home & being sore all over your body from wrestling with your friends all day long!
Then there's those times where you discover massive scratch marks on your leg & you wonder how on earth you got them!
Or all those random bruises on your legs.. 'oh, hello there. I don't remember seeing you yesterday.'
And going home & being asked 'Whats wrong with your hair? It looks like a birds nest.' *Ohh.. That's probably from that annoying friend who just loves grabbing your hair & messing it up. Oh Good. Excellent. Brilliant.
And you thought your hair was looking ok? Ha!
What about when you go home with a massive, fat, puffed up lip from where your friend head butted you? That's always fun.
How dare i forget! Knee high socks. Whether you are in primary or secondary, I'm sure you girlies out there would understand the ol' knee high slipping down your leg & having to snap it back up again. Over & Over & Over. *Snap.
Being tackled & pinned down & only THEN realising how small you actually are.
And your friend has the nerve to ask you 'Are you ok?' Seriously. 'Im STUCK!'

And ofcourse, it would be unfair if i didn't mention those ratty boys who only want to kiss you.
Boy: 'Lets play kiss-chasey!!'
Girl: 'Ewwww, boy germs! Go away! No!'
Boy: *cue INSTANT chase.*

Good memories until the end of time.
6-6.5 hours of fun everyday? Yes please!
Schools in Vs Schools out.