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So, there's this organic shop down the road from my work.
Wholefoods/organic goods- where everything for sale is twice the price of anything you'll find at Safeway.
It's the sort of pretentious little supermarket/cafe you would expect hipsters to shop in.. if they could afford it.
So pretty much the people you can expect to find here are health food nuts, gym junkies & ostentatious Brighton snobs with too much money.
They sell things like 'Organic artisan handcrafted sourdough (no, I'm not really sure what exactly that all means~ it was on a poster in the window. Why can't they just say 'We sell bread?'), Tahitian limes, organic bananas all the way through to Miranda Kerr's body lotions.
Are you getting a feel for the place yet?
If you are, you might be wondering why on earth I'm here.
No? You weren't? ...oh.
Anyway, it's simple really~ they do delicious toasted sandwiches. Easy.
Yes, that's right. The good ol' toasted sandwich is the drawcard.
And on a cool wintery day, that's just what i want.. or maybe the soup, which is also good here.
Every time i order a tomato, cheese &, dare i say it, ham toastie, the guy working behind the counter gives me the dirtiest, greasiest looks.
Every single time. I have come to expect it now.
It's almost like he's judging me & telling me with his eyes that i should be filling my body with healthy organic food- not with some dirty pig that one day used to roll around in the mire before finally making it's way into my sandwich.

I went there today for lunch.
They advised me they were 'Out of ham.'
Instantly I'm suspicious of such a claim!
He offers me some chicken instead. 'Yeah, sure thing.'
After paying, i find a seat in the sunshine, put my earphones in & get lost in my own little world.
'My Mate' comes over & informs me 'Yeah, we don't have much chicken today.. so here's a refund.'
I am now 100% convinced he's trying to turn me into a vegetarian.
Don't get me wrong i could easily be that & i am definitely overdue for a date at Vegie Bar, but i just like being a carnivore too much to give it up totally.
Rant over :)
I think I'll go back there tomorrow..
ps- When you read the title of this post, were you expecting some 'Ooh la la'esque' story? Shame on you! You should know by now that i don't splash my love life across my blog!
Or do i & it's all written in code...

I DID go back the following day.. and 'My Mate' redeemed himself & was nice to me.
He complimented me on my 'Cool triangle necklace.'
What a champ! ...if only he knew there was a ranting blog post about him.