Source blog: COPESESQUE

My coffee just arrived.
It's a 'Sunday Latte' which means it double your regular size.
It's 5pm.
It's a Saturday afternoon.
And without my best friend nearby to call for backup at the last minute
I find myself at one of my local cafes enjoying the best company i could find at such short notice.. Me!
I was literally driving passed this cafe no more than 10 minutes ago.
Instead of going home to a cold bedroom that is in dire need of tidying i did a U-turn & am now sitting in warm, comfortable surrounds escaping the rainy day that has descended on my home town.
My earphones are plugged in & i am whisked to a million miles away.
I'm listening to... well, i wont tell you.
But it is something courageous that soothes the soul.
Aka something that wont interrupt my train of thought.
For some reason my creative writing juices are flowing today so i have decided to take full advantage of this.
To use & abuse!
As i look around at the tables nearby, i note small groups of people.
IPads are being turned this way & that as a group of women peruse some photos.
'Ooh, look at this photo!'
The kids near me are hardly making a noise as they are being entertained by their parents IPhones.
Yes, i am very grateful for this!
*I am interrupted by a text from a good friend who i haven't seen in a couple of weeks.
Stoked to be hearing from them i catch myself smiling from ear to ear.
And then it dawns on me that, to an observer, i just became 'That weird girl who's sitting alone smiling to herself.'
You know what? I don't care.
On the next table down from me is a guy surrounded by 3 women who all seem to be vying for his attention.
I wonder if he's just lucky or if they are desperado's...?!
Taking out my earphones i realise that he's asking them the quiz questions from today's newspaper.
Ooh, i know the answer!
Although i am very tempted to throw something at him to get his attention, tell him the answer & then melt back into my own little world, i restrain myself.

Or atleast attempting to look like they are.
I am somewhat jealous of their choice in drink but i figure I would just look like a sad drunkard if i had my own bottle of red... coffee is a safe choice!
Maybe next time I'm here I'll ask them to spike my coffee.. add a little Baileys to it!
There's a mother & daughter sitting close by.
The mum is drawing a picture of some sort~ i wish i could see it.
And then we have me.
The odd one out.
The only person in the cafe who is here alone.
Writing a rough draft of this blog entry into my little notebook.
Yes, it's old school to actually put literal pen to literal paper, i know, but old school is apparently 'cool' these days & well.. i don't want to be left out of the cool club now do i?
Latte is finished so i guess it's time to venture out into the cold.
See you soon loves.
The middle aged couple next to me are quaffing some red wine.