You know those moments in life where you are faced with two options:
1- Embarrass yourself & met the Hollywood celeb. or
2- Continue on with life forever regretting not introducing yourself to the Hollywood celeb.
Yes? Well, then there's me who does both of those options.
How? Let's start at the beginning shall we..
Walking along Degraves St, ofcourse, because i am such a Melbourne wannabe (and we all know my thoughts on Degraves, )
Minding my own business chatting away with a girlfriend, i spot Aaron Eckhart sitting outside a cafe, drinking coffee, listening to his mp3 player & reading some papers- he was alone.
Who? You ask. How dare you!
He plays "Harvey Dent/ TwoFace" in 'Batman-The Dark Knight,' movie..
I point him out very obviously to my girlfriend, we giggle, i ask' What do we do?! Do we go talk to him? Do we ignore him? I love him, i want a photo! Eeek, he's seen us gawking at him! Keep walking, quick!' ~as mentioned above, this is option 2. Instantly regretting walking away.
I'm so starstruck.
We head to my friends launch party for the clothing shop he's just opened,!/upforsnails
I tell one of my mates about seeing Aaron Eckhart just around the corner.
Ofcourse, he asks 'Did you get a photo?'
I tell him no, but i really want one!
We scull our glasses of wine (some liquid courage never hurt anyone) & go back to Degraves St.
Ok, whats the plan of attack? The table next to Mr Eckhart was free but while procrastinating if we should sit down awkwardly next to him, 2 other people snap up the table. Plan Fail.
Next best option is that we go into the restaurant that he's sitting out the front of. Easy.
Again, we still need a plan of 'attack.'
My mate leaves me at the bar, takes my camera, goes out & talks to Aaron, while I am waiting awkwardly inside, then gestures for me to come out.. i do.
Walking out of the restaurant all sheepishly & highly embarrassed, i walk over to his table, Aaron stands up, we shake hands & i introduce myself..
'Hi! I'm Coral! Nice to meet you!'
He repeats my name back to me, but with his thick American accent it comes out sounding more like 'Carl.'
Still to this day, i can't believe i said the following..
'Yeah, CORAL, like under the sea!' -yes. I actually said that.
Atleast he got a laugh from it.
For the record, he's totally gorgeous in real life. Bright blue eyes. Amazing smile. Instant LOVE!
So i get a photo w him & i tell him how embarrassed I am.

Ofcourse, now that the ice has been broken, we're practically best friends, so i ask what he's doing in Melbourne. He's starting to film a movie this week.
I ask what its about, 'Love & death!'
Ofcourse, word vomit spewed out of my mouth yet again.. 'Well i hope you win an Oscar for it!'
He laughed & says 'No, its not that sort of film. It's an action movie.'
Turns out he's starting to film 'I, Frankenstein'
We wrapped it up, I apologised for interrupting him & tell him we hope he enjoys Melbourne.
He was lovely. Such a gentleman.
My friend & I go back into the restaurant & finish off our beers.
I have an epiphany! Give him your phone number. Whats there to lose?!
Once i had actually found some paper, worked out what to write on it & decided 'Yes, it will be given to him,' we notice Mr Eckhart has left.
We race out into Degraves St, he's about 20metres away.
Catching up, i walked over, holding out my note to him, he says in his Americano' accent 'What is this?!' I don't think i actually said anything.. handed him my note, smiled brightly, gave him a THUMBS UP & walked away.
~no wonder he hasn't called me *sigh