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..that make you realise people actually do care.
And after you hang up, you want to have a little cry about it because that phone call (or text message) came at *just* the right time.
And the person who made the phone call/text has absolutely no idea just how much you really needed it & appreciated it.
Whether you realised it at the time or not, you really did need that little gesture of love & friendship more than even you knew.
´╗┐You know how sometimes when you hit a bit of a flat spot in your little life & all you feel like doing is crawling into a hole & hibernating hoping that it will all go away or fix itself..
But instead of dwelling in your own dark hatred for life & your insignificant problems, you push through it, suck it up & get on with life?
You might even feel like no one has even noticed your lack of 'sparkiness' as of late.
For some reason you think you can fool people into a false sense of believing that you are A-ok if you just keep smiling, even if you're drowning on the inside.
Comfort is found in the thought that you can just fly under the radar, put on a facade to protect yourself for as long as you need to~ admit it, you've done this before haven't you? :)
Fake it until you make it?
There are a thousand thoughts, feelings, emotions racing through your mind.
Love, life, work, family, friends.. the list could go on forever.
Where do you even start to pick yourself up from?
By this stage you're probably tricking yourself into believing that there's nothing wrong.
I was chatting to a friend just the other day about all of this.
(Confession: that conversation was my inspiration for today's post. You know who you are.)
They had noticed someone wasn't their usual effervescent self & they seemed a bit flat the last few times they'd seen them, so what did they do?
Picked up their phone, rang them up & asked if they were ok.
'Hey, you seemed a bit flat the last few times i saw you.. is everything ok?'
A good old fashioned phone call. Straight up.
It doesn't need to be anything major.
Not a long drawn out DnM for 3hours on a Monday night.
Just the phone call in itself can put your mind at ease knowing that someone out there actually noticed & took the initiative to check up on you.
It's the best. And by that, i mean BEST.