It's Friday. Finally.
Im telling you.. this has felt like one of the longest weeks of my life.
The reason? Actually, i have no idea why as i have been quite the busy little bee!
But last weekend definitely feels like an eternity ago.
What did i do last weekend? My memory fails me.
It's also been an eternity since my last blog post~ a thousand apologies.
I've had major writers block & am in desperate need of a muse.
Any takers? Im open to suggestion!
So the hunt for a muse continues.. but until i find one, i've had to dig into the core of my brain to try & find something... anything to write about.
And then it came to me.
(Although, i must confess- i definitely have some juicy tales i could tell you, but in this instance, i choose to protect the 'innocent.')
After a somewhat sleepless night, a few irritating phone calls at work this morning & realising i am due to fly out of the country in a matter of weeks, I found myself taking more notice of my darling friend who keeps asking me 'When are you going to quit your job?'
They have been saying this to me for weeks.. months even!
Their little voice has been etched into the back of my mind..
So coming to the end of a gruelling, busy week the idea of typing a short & sweet letter to my boss informing him that i am resigning is actually a teasing temptation.
Imagine that~
'The last 4 years working here have been nice but it's time for a change so here is my 2 weeks notice.'
(Do people even have to give 2 weeks notice anymore?)
And in 2 weeks i fly off to South America for a long awaited, much anticipated holiday.
The plan is to be back home in August but if i quit my job do i really need to come home?
Oh how the plot could thicken!
Or perhaps im just totally & utterly bored this afternoon & the day dreaming that my brain keeps running off to do is taking precedence over my logical thinking process.
No, surely that's not it.
In an ideal world, if i did quit my job i could sleep in every day, meet up with friends for lunch dates all the time & squeeze in a few coffee's too.
Thats just all rainbows & unicorns.
How could that possibly be a reality?
I would still need to find an income of sorts.
*Work phone rings* bringing me straight back down to reality.
Argh, will this day never end?
~If anybody else can spot an angry face in the above picture, you are a champ!