Source blog: Cycling Academics

A video to bring across the message of the Holstee Manifesto: a call to action to live a life full of intention, creativity, passion, and community. And obviously, it uses cyclist to bring this mesage across. Leaving us with another beautiful bicycle video to watch and share! Again, the message of the emotional marketing is clear. Just as cars, bikes are perfectly acceptable modes of transport for successful and happy people. However, unlike driving a car, the bicycle caters for social interaction and fosters communities. That is something you do not (and will not) see in your car commercials... (via People for Bikes)

The LifeCycle Film came about as a desire to bring the energy and passion behind the Manifesto to life through something we love--biking. As we seek to live mindful lifestyles that leave a positive impact on the people and world around us, biking has become a passion that is much more than a transportation alternative. It is a way of fully experiencing the city we love and all of its details. This Film is a celebration. It is a celebration of gatherings, of diversity, of life, and of the beauty of shared experience. We hope you enjoy.