Hotels Jaipur - Fortune Park Bella Casa

If you want to experience India in all its pre-modern beauty then Jaipur is the place to be. Known also as the Pink City, it draws many youngsters as tourists for its many various striking attractions. The roads and streets of the city of Jaipur follow a planned structure and are a remarkable sight. This city is a planned one and it is a joy to walk around in a city with a structured transport route. Jaipur is known for its rustic appeal and this really is regarded as the real Indian experience.

It is not just Indian tourists who are known to flock to the city,city; people from abroad seem to be in love with Jaipur. It must be the culture and the vibrant atmosphere that draws them to the Pink City. Of the many beautiful attractions here, Hawa Mahal is the first and foremost. Hawa Mahal is located in the palace quarter of the city.

There is a serene lake located next to the Hawa Mahal that adds to its beauty. The surrounding gardens are also quite a spectacle as they are maintained well and compliement the massive structure. Hawa Mahal’s shape is supposed to emulate the Hindu deity Krishna’s crown. Completing the sprawling City Palace, the red and pink Hawa Mahal and is indeed one of the biggest drawing attractions in Jaipur. Extensive restoration has been done to keep the palace preserved and in good shape for the tourists and its immense relevance.

There are many impressive hotels in Jaipur and this is understandable because of the number of people visiting the city for various intents and purposes. The hotels provide various facilities like such as health clubs and great restaurants that are sure to make your taste buds dance. In addition to this, on account of having many of these hotels at scenic locations there are added advantages. Many great hotels here come with captivating views and panoramas. There is a high possibility that the hotel you are staying at may have a lake right next to it. Imagine staying at a location like this with your friends and family, it is indeed is an experience worth the trip.

The elegance of hotels in Jaipurseems to be going across the borders and drawing people from foreign countries. Many high profile weddings have taken place in the palaces of Jaipur from the film industry and other popular avenues. A royal experience is what is delivered to every tourist who spends the smallest amount time in Jaipur.

Owing to its royal legacy, the hotel staff and management understand the need to make their guests feel special. They are known to go out of their way to make their patrons feel comfortable and experience the famous royal treatment. If you add, the incredible food that is served in the region, this surely is a trip that has to be made as soon as possible. Staying in a country like India with the many kind of places it has to offer to everyone, we really must to make an effort to visit the jewels like India’s Pink City - Jaipur.