Soludos, a great summer shoe.  I discovered these this year when looking for an appropriate summer shoe for my boyfriend.  One day I read an email regarding summer footwear for men.  According to their stylist Jack (I don't know him personally by first name but I get a lot of men's styling tips from him via mass emails),  flip flops are strictly for the beach.  Really thinking about it, I can see what Jack means.. even now, I tend to shy away from regular flip flops and go for a nicer flat sandal however guys don't often have this luxury.  Not to mention I don't know many guys with well maintained feet that should be shown off at all times.  With this being said, it made me go on a mission to find my boyfriend some close toed summer shoes.  Along came the Soludos for J.Crew.  I purchased two pairs for him (with his assurance that he actually liked them and was not going to wear them because I wanted him to) and then Shopbop happened to have their big sale so I purchased this pair for myself  (after getting help from him with choosing a pattern).  I ended up loving mine, but sadly his didn't fit.  Still looking for that perfect close toed summer shoe for him!  Next on the list for him to try are some classic Toms, i'll let you know how that works out..