Here's a Q & A Session I had with current student Mr. Daisuke Tanaka. Kindly note that the views presented are that of the student and not the school.

Q. What are the specific activities,that, in your opinion, I could partake while at Tepper to effect a career transition i.e Legal to Consulting?

If you are interested in consulting, what you need to do first is to participate in the consulting club. They offer members various kinds of hands-on session including but not limited to case interview practice, treks and networking event. Also attending to case competitions is crucial as well because many major consulting firms such as Deloitte and A.T. Kearney actually look for internship candidates through the competitions.

Q. What is the best kept secret about Tepper?

As far as I heard, Tepper's Career Opportunities Center (COC) is one the most powerful counseling organization in the top business schools. Once you join Tepper, you will have a counselor who takes care of everything you need for job searching. You may also be able to have interview practices or general counseling with any counselor you want. Because of the small-size class, Tepper School successfully offers you best services in terms of career development.

Q. What is the one thing that Tepper has that no other b-school has?

If you are interested in inter-disciplinary study, Tepper is your choice. Many of my classmates are taking courses offered by other schools like computer science and public policy since our curriculum is very flexible and allows us to arrange our study plan as we want.