SFSFF17 Announcement Party Invitation

A Thousand Busters

On Opening Night, sound effects master Ben Burtt and the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra brought WINGS to exhilarating new life. Andrea Kalas and Grover Crisp, the respective heads of preservation at Paramount and Sony, gave thoughtful insight into the future and necessity of digital restoration. Introduced by the masterful director Philip Kaufman, THE WONDERFUL LIE OF NINA PETROVNA seduced everyone sitting in the Castro - a sleeper hit of the festival. Donald Sosin and Toychestra provided vibrant new accompaniment for FELIX THE CAT, to the delight of the hundreds of children who came for their Saturday morning cartoons. The amazing Paul McGann joined Horne for SOUTH, narrating from the letters of Ernest Shackleton to create an intimate and moving experience of the infamous Antarctic expedition. The incomparable Louise Brooks and the Matti Bye Ensemble cast a spell over the packed house at Saturday's showing of the gorgeous restoration of PANDORA'S BOX. Donald Sosin's beautiful score enhanced the shadowy nuance and humanity of THE DOCKS OF NEW YORK. And on Closing Night, in between McGann and Horne's pitch-perfect narration and accompaniment of A TRIP TO THE MOON and Buster Keaton at his best in THE CAMERAMAN, 1400 people channeled Keaton for the amazing image above. An historic moment, and the perfect way to end the festival!
to the wonderful, adventurous audience; to the brilliant musicians; to the entertaining and informative introducers; to the tireless festival staff and volunteers; to the generous members, sponsors, donors; to the endlessly supportive Board of Directors; to everyone who made this year's festival such a beautiful one. 
The Night of a Thousand Busters 
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