Article about entrepreneurs returning to India and China
I recently read an article about foreign born entrepreneurs returning to their home country, especially India and China.

The grass is greener for entrepreneurs in India and China
from VentureBeat by Vivek Wadhwa. is one of the well respected tech blogs in the Silicon Valley, and Vivek Wadhwa is known as an academic, researcher, Writer and entrepreneur.

In this article, Vivek Wadhwa summarizes his findings based on feedback from many foreign born entrepreneurs. He noticed that currently there is a huge trend for entrepreneurs to start their venture in India or China, their respective home countries.

To be honest, if you ask me, to an entrepreneur, the problem of immigration feels like a knife hanging over the head. Not only have they endure the stress of starting a business, they are always facing the problem of losing their visa status and moving out the country.

There is no such problem in their country and they are free to do whatever they wish.

Apparently the new entrepreneur class visa, is laughable. The visa is valid only if they raise 100K dollars in Venture money!