70 year old radioactive volunteer
Yasuteru Yamada a 70 year old has offered to operate in the radioactive reactors of the Fukushima power plant. He does not want young people to be exposed to the radiation and he is willing to do the most dangerous radioactive jobs.

The BBC calls this a "kamikaze pensioner" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-13598607

But Mr. Yamada rejects this moniker. He says "Kamikazi" is suicide and this? a safe operation. He says, the radioactivity might cause cancer 20-30 years from day of exposure and estimates that his average life expectancy is probably 10-15 years. A calculated risk. He is now looking for men of similar age, who are fit and wiling to volunteer.

He is going to put himself in harms way for the greater good. What a way to live life! I wish I was in his shoes to do the same.

What would you sacrifice for your country?