9 Jan 2012
Source blog: Moving Subjects

Last week, I finally completed the finishing touches to my lifetime's work. It has been a real strain on my soul; working in my office during the day, but working all night on my scientific research into 'space time matter projection'.  After decades of secret experimentation in my underground labatory, I finally managed to answer one of the greatest questions posed by mankind.

Is it possible to travel backwards and forwards in time?

Well unfortunately, the answer is no. Which is a shame, because I had a whole list of things to go back and 'correct'; and a whole host of famous places and historical events to witness.   Oh well...

I thought instead, I would mess about with photoshop and see if I could 'add' a little 'time' to some recent photographs; try and use the 'photoshop time machine'. This is just a bit of fun, as I don't particularly approve of such 'retro processing'.  In fact, even the word 'sepia' makes me frown. But I like to try new things sometimes (or in this case - old things).  Most of these images have gone through several processes to add ageing effect. Some are better than others.  I think that the subject matter is important; I have tried to use images which have hardly any modern signs (although there are a few).  I tried to look at real old photographs to see how they age. Just using a sepia filter on it's own is not enough. I was going to add borders to the series; but I hate post processed borders!

Here are some images of Japan using my photoshop time machine. I tried some of London but they just didnt seem quite as antique looking to me. Maybe that is just because I know London too well.  On the other hand, my wife wasn't so impressed with my 'old Japan' fakes...   She knows Japan too well.